Important and Unique Functions of PDF Converters 

Important and Unique Functions of PDF Converters 

PDF is considered the most reliable and unalterable document that one can share without the fear of it getting tempered with. This somewhat permanent document may need some edit or conversions due to any specific reason. So, to make this happen, one needs a PDF converter. This tool is designed for both Mac and other computers which are not Mac. This write-up focuses on pdf converters for mac and talks about its important and interesting functions.

  • Changing the format of the documents

Using PDF converter, you can work both ways. Means, you can convert any document into PDF and then further convert them into any of the MS Office file formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

  • Convert file received from any source into the format of your choice

The PDF converter comes with Convert function. Using this, you can select any file received and convert it into any of the file options provided in the drop-down list. Not only individual files, but you can also club the files or scanned documents into batch and make PDFs out of those.

  • Facility to customize the PDF

 If you want to just alter some portions of PDF, this is also possible with the converter. For example, you can add or delete rows/columns while converting the PDF to excel sheet, or can change/edit the portion of text before converting it into the final desired format. You can also save the customized parameters for repeat alteration jobs and to apply them on files in bulk.

Thus, PDF file is not a final document anymore for its owner. The user wanting better control over the documents of such type can definitely rely upon this tool and bring user-friendliness to the PDF files. So, select the pdf converter that works the best for your mac and enjoy better control over your own documents.