Things to Know About Web Hosting Services

Things to Know About Web Hosting Services

Web hosting is one of the booming service industries in the present century. With the evolution and continuous development and upgrading taking place in the internet business or e-commerce, a web host has received a lot of attention and significance. Let us know what is web hosting.

What we mean by Web Hosting?

Web hosting in simple terms is a facility that enables individuals and organizational structures to have an online identity in the form of a web page or a website. A web hosting service provides all the services and technologies one may need to maintain a website over the internet. These websites are stored with the server of the web host. Through website hosting services, these companies also provide domains and help in the registration process.

How do Web hosts manage a website?

When the internet surfers wish to visit an individual or a company’s website, they have to type in the domain name or website address into the browser. The web hosts provide you with a domain space and you can buy your own domain from them as well. In this way people over the internet looking for your website will be served with your pages.

Almost all the web hosts need you to purchase a domain from their company so that they can easily provide you with all the necessity. If you want to create or have a custom domain, you can opt for that as well.

One such Web host – FatCow

FatCow is the best choice when looking for low cost web hosting services. The hosting company has many affordable hosting plans. Awarded as the Top Web Hosting, 2016, by the, they have quite a nice range of hosting packages to choose from. This web host has seen quite a few ups and downs in their journey but they are good with optimisation and analysis as per the requirement of the website. Since 1998, FatCow has been dedicated to VPS and server solutions, domain registration, website building and more.

Services provided by FatCow

  • VPS Solution
  • Host servers
  • Website building
  • Domain space
  • Domain name
  • Domain registration and more.

Website hosting is very crucial in the current e-commerce and e-service scenario. The online and electronic presence of businesses of a shapes and sizes are more important than having a physical presence.