Aesthetic vs. Reconstructive: The Difference Between Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

Aesthetic vs. Reconstructive: The Difference Between Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

The overlapping definition of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery is often misunderstood and confused by many. It is true that both have the same procedure, technique, and benefits. The principal reason why most folks are confused is that both procedures can enhance one’s physical appearance. However, in the realm of health and medicine, both are medically separated from each other. And each of them has the unique medical discipline to follow and apply.

The Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

When it comes to health and medicine, the two medical terms are separated based on each of their sole purpose. To make it more intelligible, some surgeons call it Aesthetic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery or Reconstructive Surgery came from the Greek word “plastikos’’ meaning to mold or shape. Technically, plastic surgery is medically necessary if the person who wants to undergo it has congenital damage and injuries due to an accident or trauma in their bodies such as cleft palate, burns and skin grafts, and breast reconstruction. And most likely, the person who needs it must undergo at the time of first treatment. Hence,  it is rather a required medical procedure than a choice. However, if the patient is a newborn, say, with a cleft palate, the procedure should be performed according to the baby’s health condition. Plastic surgery can be both performed on men or women as long as they have a recommendation from their doctors.

Cosmetic Surgery

On the other hand, Cosmetic Surgery or Aesthetic Surgery is the type of procedure that is not necessarily required. And out of all the physical enhancements procedures available today, cosmetic surgery seo is the most popular because of its excellent benefits physically and emotionally. It is the reason why folks who are not satisfied with how they look consider going under the knife solely to improve a specific area of their body. The most popular procedures are Liposuction, Rhinoplasty or Nose Jobs, Tummy Tucks, Face Lift, and Breast Augmentation. For this method, women are most likely to consider this to conform to society’s beauty standards. However, it is not limited to one gender only and men who also want to enhance their appearance can undergo cosmetic surgery.

Who Can Do Each of the Surgery?

Although both needs a certified surgeon, the only authority who can perform both plastic and cosmetic surgery are doctors who completed an extensive and rigorous learning and training that will take almost six to eight years. And for those who choose not to complete the said training can only do cosmetic surgery. And perhaps, due to monetary reasons or the long years needed for the practice, some choose to stick in one area and walk in the path of being a cosmetic surgeon.

All in all, the benefits one can acquire after each of the procedure can be their stepping stone towards a more significant and fulfilling life. After all, physical appearance matters too, especially today that the idea of undergoing surgery is gradually becoming normal.